Doula and Massage Therapist


Since i realised i was a little girl i knew i wanted to be a mother. I haven't been blessed yet so i am busy mothering mothers ! As a teenager and young adult i worked as a mother's help and then a nanny as well as supporting friends through this part of their lives.

In 1999 a friend asked me to be with her during the birth of her baby. It was a truly magical experience for me. After this i felt a sense that this was my calling and went on to attended another four births with friends and family.

In October 2007 I attended a Doula UK accredited course with Dr Michel Odent and Lilliana Lammers. In February 2009 i attended a Breastfeeding workshop as well as a study day on Craniosacral Therapy for newborns.

I am deeply passionate about bringing positivity to birth for women and their babies and honoring this part of a woman and child's life as the amazing rite of passage that it is!

Since training and joining Doula UK i have attended another four births and supported four families postnatally.

I have now attended many different types of birth but my focus is on empowering a woman to create a safe and nurturing environment in which to birth her baby as nature intended.

I love supporting women in early motherhood and can help a woman access those instinctual mothering behaviours of breastfeeding and newborn nurturing. I fundamentally believe that women are fully equipped to birth and mother their babies within the right environment and with a little TLC ! I can also offer help with practical household chores and emotional support.


In 2005 I gained an ITEC in Holistic Massage.

In October 2007 I attended a pregnancy massage course with Jing Advance Massage and Training.

In September 2008 I completed the professional training in The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage.

In September 2009 I attended an advanced course in The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage for conception, pregnancy, labour and postpartum.

In addition I attended a course in Abdominal Massage for the Digestive System with Marty Ryan of Love Your Guts Seminars.

I offer massage for all using a blend of Swedish and deep tissue techniques as well as lifestyle advice.

Maya Abdominal Massage is a specific set of techniques used to restore male and female reproductive and digestive health.

My particular interest is in using massage in women's reproductive life. Bodywork can be a wonderful way to help women move through the stages of their reproductive life with ease and joy.



Contact: Philippa Rayney

Mobile: 07760 393915

Email: | Orgiva, Granada
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